Slides: The Benefits of a Data Catalog with Built-in Data Lineage

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About the Webinar

An automated data catalog is a known enabler for organizational data management. Data catalog creates for data citizens the ability to get business as well as technical value from the data empowering better business decisions.

Data Lineage must be an integrated capability as it provides data teams with the real time knowledge regarding where the data exists, and more importantly provides them with the capability to follow all data pipelines.

Our experts will conduct a vibrant discussion with relevant case studies to demonstrate best practices for catalog implementation and adoption. 

This webinar will discuss how:

  • The need for data transparency as a major driver of a data catalog initiatives
  • The importance the physical, semantic and presentation layers for different types of data citizens
  • And how data lineage becomes a key element providing deep understanding and greater visibility of the data 

About the Speakers

John Fry

CEO/ Managing Partner, FIntegrity Consulting LLC.

Over 30 years experience in Trading, Risk, MO and BO Operations across all asset types in both functional and technical aspects of the Treasury and Capital Markets Industry. John has been responsible for over 15 major operating model transformations in addition to 35 vendor system implementations and upgrades and over 100 client engagements. He has been the product manager for 5 world class FTB full lifecycle capital markets systems trading systems. He has been a member of US Government, Bank of England, ISDA, PMI and DTCC committees working to standardize and optimize processes in the financial markets. John led the team that designed Infinity Back Office, the architectural and conceptual predecessor to Calypso, and the first pub/sub real time FTB trading system.

Nissim Ohayon

Director, Global Business Development, Octopai

Nissim Yves Ohayon is a long time professional in sales, business development and marketing. Expertise in establishing the foundations of scalable sales models, supported by implementation of and execution effective process management and integration into the organization’s end-to-end management of the customer life-cycle.

Nissim is an expert in enabling organizations to fulfill their data strategy goals while utilizing robust data management platforms. 

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