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  • Live Online Training: Data Architecture Bootcamp – Practical Exercises in Architecture Design

Live Online Training: Data Architecture Bootcamp – Practical Exercises in Architecture Design

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DATAVERSITY Online Training – Professional Education at Your Convenience

Course Dates: February 26-29, 2024
Course Time: 11 AM – 6 PM Eastern / 8 AM – 3 PM Pacific
Course Price: $2,200 Early Bird Price through February 9, 2024. $2,400 after February 9, 2024
Course CEUs: 24

Last day to register: Thursday, February 22, 2024

DATAVERSITY Training Center | The AI-Driven Enterprise: Embedded Analytics, Intelligent Apps, and AI Automation | November 8-9, 2023

In this live, four-day online course, instructor Dave Wells looks at how modern Data Architecture is an essential part of managing critical data resources today and into the future. Data Architecture is imperative, but it is also challenging – so many variables, so many components, so many relationships. And so many questions: Where to start? How to organize the pieces? How to describe and explain? How to test and implement? What about all of the data assets that already exist? Modern Data Management Architecture matters, but it can be intimidating.

Many organizations are anchored by legacy Data Architecture. Last-century data warehousing architecture – with bolt-on features for data lakes, big data, self-service, data science, and other recent developments – doesn’t work well and is not sustainable into a future of ever-expanding analytics capabilities. Early Data Lake Architecture is now a decade old and already outdated. Current trends such as data fabric and data mesh have promise but need to be integrated with existing architecture and Data Management practices.

We’ve seen many changes in the world of data and analytics over the past several years. Perhaps the biggest and most consequential change is in how we need to manage data – making the shift from managing data-as-an-asset to managing data-as-a-resource. An asset is something on which you place value. A resource is something that you use to create assets and meet objectives. This subtle change has significant data implications. We can no longer manage data as something that we store and process. We must see and manage it as something that flows through organizations and processes to create information, build knowledge, and fuel innovation. This has huge implications for Data Architecture.

NOTE: If the scheduled time is not convenient for your time zone and you have a group who would like to take this seminar at a time more convenient for you, please email to coordinate a possible alternative.

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Who Should Attend

This four-day live online workshop is designed for data and technical professionals at all levels, who are challenged to close the gap between legacy Data Architecture and the architectural capabilities needed to manage a modern data and analytics resource. It is appropriate for executives and data strategists, data scientists and data analysts, data and enterprise architects, consultants and technical staff, and professionals looking to get more involved in Data Architecture for their jobs.

Group and team attendance is strongly encouraged because the workshop activities are applied for your organization’s unique circumstances. Those activities produce results that have immediate application and lasting value for your ongoing architectural efforts.

The course is not designed for any specific industry or business domain, and as such is applicable to any business organization needing to manage a modern data resource and reliably supply data needed for business intelligence, analytics, and data science.

We offer several bulk licensing options for corporate and group use.

Contact us for a follow-up discussion!

Seminar Format:

  • A four-day seminar workshop that includes lecture format over slides with questions either throughout or at the conclusion of each section, breakout sessions, and exercises.
    • The seminar date is: Monday – Thursday, February 26 – 29, 2024
    • Seminar time is: 11 AM – 6 PM Eastern / 8 AM – 3 PM Pacific
  • All seminar material will be made available for students to download.
  • DATAVERSITY will be integrating two platforms to run the training: The DATAVERSITY Training Center (DVTC) platform and Zoom.
  • The DVTC Platform is where you will start your training:
    • This will be where you will log in, and then click a “Join Now” button on the day of the live training in your course dashboard.
    • This platform will contain the syllabus for the day, information on navigating through both platforms, enable you to take notes throughout the training, join a forum with your classroom peers to network with each other even after the live online training is over, download materials, and access the recording of the training when it is complete.
  • When you click the “Join Now” button in the DVTC Platform, a Zoom window will open.
    • This platform is where you will take the training, view the presentation, and engage in breakout sessions.

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