How to Become a Citizen Data Scientist

The job responsibilities of a citizen data scientist include dealing with new data, using automated tools to process big data, and creating additional models to gain additional insights. Their primary job is not to make predictions directly from big data, or develop prescriptive analytics, but to build models and use tools that accomplish those goals. […]

Data Strategy Trends in 2024

In 2024, organizations must embrace a good Data Strategy, a reliable touchstone created by an organization for businesspeople in their data-related endeavors and support its evolution. Executives face mounting pressure to swiftly adapt to a dynamic marketplace and demonstrate tangible impacts…

Data Analytics Platforms: Features and Benefits

Data analytics platforms offer a collection of powerful tools that enable organizations to make sense of the vast amount of data they generate and collect. These platforms offer a range of capabilities, including data integration, data cleansing, predictive modeling, and real-time reporting.  The platforms usually provide a comprehensive suite of tools and techniques for analyzing […]

Data Management Trends in 2024

The trends in Data Management for 2024 can be expected to range from the impact of the EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) package to new variations of ChatGPT focused on managing data. Data Management (DM) deals with the collection, processing, and storage of data, as well as the laws and regulations that protect people’s rights. Managing an […]


As the year draws to a close, we here at DATAVERSITY have an annual tradition of digging deep into our data and reflecting on the hits and misses. What was the most popular Data Management content on and our training center over the past 12 months? Which core topics did you – our data […]