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Data Governance & Data Quality | News & Articles

Fundamentals of Cloud Governance

Understanding the fundamentals of cloud governance can help in developing an efficient strategy for an organization working in a cloud environment. Cloud governance involves developing rules and procedures for its members in an effort to minimize costs, promote productivity, enhance security, and support smooth operations within the cloud.  Cloud governance focuses on establishing the processes […]

The Challenge of Data Accuracy

Data has become one of the most valuable assets of modern businesses. The data a company collects, analyzes, and monetizes is now perceived as a distinct “asset class” rather than merely a byproduct of its IT operations. However, the value of data to an organization diminishes rapidly as the information becomes less accurate. Companies are responding […]

Data Modeling Trends in 2024

Expect an increase in business-driven and elegant Data Modeling – the plans, and activities around diagramming requirements for data architecture. These Data Modeling trends will gain traction as budgets for newer projects decrease and mandates to improve Data Quality increase, as resolution to each data incident has risen by 15 hours between 2022 and 2023. Stakeholders clamor for returns from AI after investing heavily, […]

The Emergence of Corporate Data Governance

Within corporations, the theme of governance has been one of the most important themes for decades. Scholars have discussed and debated how corporations can be governed in order to protect shareholder value and resolve agency issues. Companies have implemented a variety of corporate governance mechanisms to ensure effective decision-making and risk management. These include board […]

7 Data Democratization Trends to Watch

Enterprises all around the world are relying on analytics to provide the insights they need to streamline operations and delight their customers. However, making the right data available to the right people at the right time is becoming more and more challenging. While the ability to perform analytics on huge volumes of data is beefing up […]

Reltio Demo: Unified Data Unleashed – A Closer Look at Modern Master Data Management

Download the slides here>> Tired of your rigid, costly legacy master data management system? Join this webinar to explore the modern MDM revolution. You will see a live demo of transformative MDM capabilities that unlock agility, scalability, and cost-effective ways to unify data. You will gain insights into the importance of industry-specific MDM SaaS solutions […]