Data Detection and Response (DDR): The Future of Data Security

There’s a unanimous consensus that data is the lifeblood of organizations. From customer records to intellectual property, the explosion of information creates tremendous value – and equally tremendous risk. The pace of cyberattacks accelerates relentlessly, with disastrous data breaches becoming a mainstay in news headlines and the associated costs skyrocketing. Current approaches to data security are […]

How In-Database Machine Learning Transforms Decision-Making

In the contemporary landscape of data-driven decision-making, enterprises are increasingly turning to predictive analytics to gain valuable insights into future trends and behaviors. Predictive analytics involves extracting patterns from historical data to forecast future outcomes, enabling organizations to make proactive decisions and optimize their operations. Traditionally, predictive analytics has been performed using standalone machine learning […]

Why the Slowdown of Kryder’s Law Spells Urgency for Sustainable Archival Storage

Kryder’s Law, named after Mark Kryder – the former SVP of research at Seagate Technology – is an observation comparable to Moore’s Law but specifically related to the area of magnetic disk storage. It posits that the density of information stored on magnetic disks is increasing exponentially, doubling approximately every 18 months. Kryder’s Law, much like Moore’s […]