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Why Your CRM May Cause Your Next Data Breach

In the fast-paced world of sales today, every customer interaction holds significant value. Reps grab phone numbers for calls and texts, get home addresses for sending out swag, and even note health updates (like a meeting having to be rescheduled due to the customer having Covid). While these actions often come from good intentions, aiming […]

The Impact of AI on Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence has drawn a lot of media attention for everything from taking people’s jobs to spreading disinformation and infringing copyrights, but AI’s impact on cybersecurity may be its most pressing immediate issue. AI’s impact on security teams is predictably double-edged. When properly applied, it can be a powerful force multiplier for cybersecurity practitioners, through […]

15 Essential Data Mining Techniques

Data mining techniques can be applied across various business domains such as operations, finance, sales, marketing, and supply chain management, among others. When executed effectively, data mining provides a trove of valuable information, empowering you to gain a competitive advantage through enhanced strategic decision-making. At its core, data mining is a method employed for the […]

Why Organizations Are Embracing Automation in Security and Beyond

Compared to other organizational departments, security teams generally embraced automation on the early side. Frontline analysts facing ever-evolving cyber attacks, hampered by too much work and not enough staff, were quick to take advantage of technology that could automate tedious tasks and mission-critical workflows.  Now, departments throughout organizations are following security’s lead. From infrastructure to […]

Navigating SQL Server High Availability in Kubernetes for Improved Performance

There’s a compelling rationale for SQL Server not being the easiest pick for Kubernetes containerization initiatives. SQL Server environments are often characterized as formidable entities, known for their substantial scale and tendency to consume a significant portion of budget resources. Furthermore, SQL Server environments: Containers offer substantial potential for enhancing SQL Server’s agility, flexibility, and […]